Expensive features, tiling and accessories make frugal bathroom decorating a tough task, but you can get quality results for fractions of the price by focusing on a few bathroom basics.

Making it match is always in the budget
Try your best to evaluate exactly how much you want to spend and make sure that amount is going to allow you to coordinate between all the features in the bathroom and the rest of your house. For instance, the mirror should match the rest of your bathroom layout. A squared sink and bathtub pair best with a square mirror, while a rounded mirror complements an oval sink and bathtub. 

This rule applies to bathroom fixtures, too. The antique brass faucet and faucet handles should be matched with antique brass light sconces and similar brass switch plates. Try not to buy fixtures that don't match well with other hardware in the bathroom, like the shower head and bathtub faucet. Mixing styles can look interesting and stylish in some places in the house, but you can never go wrong with bathroom features that blend.

Greater effort makes decorating affordable
There are plenty of cheap tips that make a little go a long way in the bathroom. Try re-tiling a small area, like the space just around the sink. It saves the hassle of applying tile to a whole wall, and it adds style to an otherwise lackluster design. Paint can be used in the same way. Try a decorative stenciling pattern on one of your bathroom walls to save the necessity of repainting the whole room. This has the added benefit of turning a monochromatic bathroom into a more exciting space, and it gives home decorators a chance to use a little creativity in their design. Stencil whatever you'd like - just make sure it looks clean and well-drawn. 

Accessories go a long way
Don't overlook the value of a few  inexpensive accessories. Things like decorative bath mats, colorful towels, new towel racks or a more stylish shower curtain can go a very long way. Switch out those dull outlet covers for something flashier or more elegant. Add a hanging painting on the wall to give the space a little character. Even try putting a potted plant on vacant sink counter space to liven up the area and make it seem more welcoming.