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Switch Hits is your #1 online source for decorative light switch plates and outlet covers...period. With over 280,000 switch cover designs, materials, and configurations in stock ready to ship, you’ve come to the right place. Switch plates are an often overlooked item that adds an extra special touch of unique decor. They will affordably personalize and complement the unique look and feel of your home.
We are confident you will find something in our large inventory that grabs your attention no matter your personal style and tastes. We only offer high-quality switch plate and outlet covers, ensuring that any product you choose will bring a smile to you and your guests for years to come.
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10 Best Light Switch Covers of 2020

When it comes to decorating a room, the small details matter. For that reason, finding the right light switch cover can put the finishing touch on any room. While picking out a switch cover, you want one that pulls together the interior design of your room. Whether it has a rustic style or modern feel, there are switch covers that can tie your room together. Here's a list of the 10 best switch plate covers of 2020.

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Cozy Home Decor Updates for Fall

Autumn brings a special opportunity to introduce cozy elements into your home. There are many classic themes that instantly make a part of your home look festive and inviting, and there are many ways that you can easily introduce all of the colors of fall into all of the rooms in your home. Some techniques are tried and true, and other ideas might be things that you've never thought of before, but here are some of the best home decor ideas that you can use to decorate your house for fall.

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4 Ways to Use Books Into Your Home Decor

Reading a book has the magical ability to absolutely transport you somewhere new and exciting. You don’t have to even leave your house to enter a brand new world, filled with unknown places and faces. That’s one of the beauties of being an avid reader. Whether you find time to read on a regular basis, and start new books every single week, or if you wish you had more time in your busy schedule to satisfy your love for books and words, there are always more ways to incorporate your love of reading into your daily life.

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