Brown Switch Plate Covers

  1. Border Antique Copper Double 2 Toggle Switch Plate Covers

    Border Antique Copper

    13 Configurations Available
    Shipping within 24 hours
    Border Antique Copper
  2. Greene Style Double 2 Toggle Switch Plate Covers

    Greene Style

    23 Configurations Available
    Shipping within 6-8 weeks
    Out of stock
    Greene Style
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The largest selection of Brown Switch Plate Covers found anywhere...period. Channel the Earth's core with the terrestrial-looking switch plates and outlet covers from the Brown collection. You can let out your wild side with high-quality plates in rustic designs and materials - garnish your walls with these accents to add an interesting element that will impress your guests. These switch plates will inspire you to carry nature into the rest of your abode. Separate yourself from the pack and create an organic atmosphere throughout your home.