White Enamel

[{product_name}] Wall Plates & Outlet Covers

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Configuration Price Qty
1 toggle light switch plate 1 Toggle
2 toggle switch cover 2 Toggle
3 toggle switchplate cover 3 Toggle
4 Toggle light switch plate 4 Toggle
2 Duplex outlet cover 2 Duplex
3 Decora GFI Rocker light switch plate 3 GFI Rocker
4 Decora GFI Rocker light switch plate 4 GFI Rocker
1 Toggle-Duplex light switch plate 1 Toggle-Duplex
3 Toggle - Duplex light switch plate 3 Toggle-Duplex
1 Toggle - Decora GFI Rocker light switch plate 1 Toggle-GFI Rocker
Decora GFI Rocker - Duplex cover plate GFI Rocker-Duplex
3/8 in Cable light switch plate cover 3-8 Inch Cable
2 Blank light switch plate 2 Blank
1 Port Modular switch cover 1 Port Modular
2 Port Modular switch cover icon 2 Port Modular
White Enamel CAT 5 Cable Jack
Phone Jack for modular switch plate icon Phone Jack
Coax Cable Jack for modular switch plate icon Coax Cable Jack
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White Enamel , wall plates, outlet covers -- in stock ready to ship.

Matching 6-32 x 1/2 screws provided by manufacturer are included."

Clean White Enamel wall switch plate covers with mild soap and warm water. Do Not use abrasives.

Hot forged, heavy duty solid brass wall switch plate covers with white finish. Not a light, stamped metal switch plate you'll find on other sites.

within 24 hours.

Finish & Color

Brass, Forged Brass, Heavy Forged Metal, Metal

Forged Metal, Plain...Not Really


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