Made-to-Order Switchplates

Though Switch Hits stocks over 280,000 switchplates that are ready to ship, we also offer high-quality made-to-order items that are not kept in stock but crafted once we receive an order for them. Generally, these collections feature hundreds of different pattern, color, or size combinations  -- too many for us to keep in our warehouse .

When Will Made-to-Order Items Ship?

We list all approximate shipping time frames prominently on each item's page, and on the shopping cart confirmation page you see before you place your order. Some artists make and ship made to order items within 1 week while another artist can take up to 8 weeks for his/her handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. The average is 2-3 weeks, but again, this is listed on the pages for these items.

Made-to-Order items mostly come from small studios where the artists much prefer to work their craft rather than answer shipping questions. (And the more questions we send them, the more they are away from their workbenches!) Therefore we can't be more specific about shipping dates with made-to-order items.

Made-to-Order Return Policy

The great variety and unique nature of our made-to-order items makes reselling particular designs in particular color and size combinations extremely difficult. Therefore, we have established a special made-to-order return policy.

  • Based on the craftsmen we work with, some items are NOT RETURNABLE and marked as such on each particular product page.
  • All other Made-to-Order items returned will have the following restrictions: A maximum of 2 items of any configuration may be returned with no restocking charge. For larger orders, the two smallest configurations will have no restocking charges ...all other returned items will have the following restocking charges less shipping charges.

Restocking Charges for Made-to-Order Items

$5.00 for these configurations
1 Toggle switchplates 1 Wide switchplates Duplex Outlet switchplates 1 Blank switchplates 3/8
$8.00 for these configurations
2 Toggle switchplates 2 Duplex Outlet switchplates 1 Toggle/Outlet or Outlet/1 Toggle switchplates 1 Wide/Outlet or Outlet/1 Wide switchplates 1 Toggle/Wide or Wide/1 Toggle switchplates 2 Wide switchplates
$12.00 for these configurations
3 Toggle switchplates 3 Wide switchplates 2 Toggle/Outlet or Outlet/2 Toggle switchplates 2 Toggle/Wide or Wide/2 Toggle switchplates
$18.00 for these configurations
4 Toggle switchplates 4 Wide switchplates 3 Toggle/Outlet or Outlet/3 Toggle switchplates 3 Toggle/Wide or Wide/3 Toggle switchplates
$22.00 for these configurations
5 Toggle switchplates 6 Toggle switchplates 5 Wide switchplates 6 Wide switchplates
Other configurations not pictured subject to appropriate restocking charges.

Return Instructions

Please follow our return instructions when returning your approved made-to-order items.

Our Advice

These Made-to-Order switchplates are so unique and attractive we know you deserve and will like them. Just use a bit of caution when you first order — order one or two of the style and colors you like. When you receive your first shipment and absolutely love them, you can then order for the rest of your home without any trepidation.