We'll gladly make an exchange for non-custom items. Since our system is totally automated through our website, exchanges are basically treated as new orders...please reorder the items you want from our web site and return your original items according to our Returns Policy.

Once we receive your return in good condition, we'll credit your credit card for the original purchase price, less the shipping charges - no questions asked - for 30 days. Simply return the item in its original condition in the original packaging for a full refund.

Please allow two weeks for your credit to be processed. A credit should appear on your credit card account within two billing cycles.

For security reasons, our credit card company does not allow us to issue refunds 60 days past the original purchase. Returned items received after 60 days of original purchase will receive an account credit for future purchases and are not eligible for a refund. Absolutely no returns or exchanges will be accepted after 6 months of original purchase.

Some Made to Order items may have a restocking charge. Please refer to our Made To Order page for further clarification.

Please Note: Sorry, we cannot make exchanges based on emails or hand written notes with your returns...only through a new order at our site. A separate credit for returned items will be issued on your original order.

Please pack the returned items carefully based on our Return Instructions.