Modular Ethernet Jack Installation Instructions



Strip the Cable
Trim the outer jacket of the cable back approximately 1 inch. Caution: Do not damage or expose the wire conductors. If you nick them, cut the cable off and start again.


Cat 3 Wiring Diagram
Usually the primary dial tone or talk circuit is wired to the center two pins (pins 3 & 4) and is the white/blue and blue/white pair or red and green wires. The secondary circuit is wired to the two pins (pins 2 & 5) directly to the side of the center pins and is the white/orange and orange/white pair or black and yellow wires.


Align Wires in Slots
Following the wiring diagram above, match your colored wires with the correct slot number and lay the wire conductors into the punch down slots.


Terminate Wires in Slots
The jack inserts are self-terminating. A plastic header cover is included that is snapped down over the connector and provides slot. Press the plastic header down over the wires until the header bottoms out on the top of the terminal. You may need to use a pair of pliers to accomplish this.


Insert Jack into Plate
Carefully install the insert into the wallplate hooking the bottom latch first and then pushing up on the insert, engaging the upper latch. Voila!!