How many days after returning home from your vacation trip does it take for you to get that travel itch again? Probably not very long. Feeling a constant urge to travel is a common problem for a lot of people, and unfortunately, not as easy to remedy as you would think. As much as you’d like to hop on plane after plane and spend your life traveling to one exotic destination after another, that’s just not very practical. You have a life, a job, and roots in your hometown that keep you there for the majority of the year. So, how do you satisfy that wanderlust and love for the rest of the world, when you’re stuck at home?


Bring the travel home


Bringing souvenirs to remind you of your travels is a great way to fuel that wanderlust when you’re at home. The best ways to do this are to bring home things that you truly wouldn’t be able to have any other way. Bring small bags with you on your travels, and bring home sand from the beaches you visit. When you come home, layer them in a jar, with a label for each layer, stating which beach the sand is from and when you visited it.


Incorporate maps into your decor


When you travel, especially internationally, maps are an integral part of your daily life. You don’t always have access to the maps system on your phone, and without your GPS to guide you from one destination to another, a map is the only way for you to navigate an unknown city. Bring some of your favorite maps into your home decor. Hang a map of the world, and put a colorful pin in every location you’ve been to. Get switch plates that have maps on them. Frame maps of your favorite cities. Or even have one of your favorite travel quotes lettered over one of your favorite maps, and have that hung somewhere in your home.


Internationally inspired kitchens


One of the best parts of traveling, is all of the different foods that you get to eat. Experiencing new foods and cultures is an incredible part of traveling, and is often one of the first things you miss when you come home! Satisfy this by bringing cookbooks from your favorite countries and cuisines home with you.