To some out there, cats might seem like inconvenient, conceited furballs. But us cat lovers know the truth: they’re inconvenient, conceited, lovable furballs who make the perfect companions for an evening reading by the fireplace. Our bewhiskered buddies always boost our mood when we see them. So why not add a few more feline-oriented accents throughout the house?

When you add a cat-themed switchplate in a room, it’ll cheer you up every time you go to turn the light on or off. Here at Switch Hits, we have the largest inventory of specialized switchplates in the country. Check out a few of our favorite cat-themed options below:


This sweet ceramic kitty is perfect as a whimsical addition to a peaceful bedroom. The stars and moon will wink at you each time you switch off the lights to sleep. From our All Fired Up! Collection, this switch plate’s unique artistic charm will appeal to any cat lover.





This mischievous little fellow can’t be ignored. With bold colors and dramatic lines, he’s the perfect addition to a playroom or anywhere else that you want a bigger statement. The hand-painted image will always remind you of the moonlight serenades of your favorite furry friends.





This dashing feline adds a little bit of continental flair to any room. In reserved tones of tan and moss green, this switch cover easily blends into a tasteful living room, but its unique art will ensure that the space is undeniably yours.



Anyone who’s come home after a long day to enjoy the comfort of a feline friend purring on their belly knows this simple truth: “A home without a cat is just a house.” 






These curious cats are sure to strike a chord with anyone who’s watched their pet cat explore the contents of a purse. In rich earth tones, this plate makes a solid grounding effect in any room.






This cat is a beautiful portrait of the wild heart inside of every housecat. This piece of eclectic art will look beautiful in a clean white kitchen or bathroom.




Cats really know how to curl up and relax. This cozy portrait of three cats lounging on an armchair will make you want to kick up your feet and do the same.


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