Now that the weather is getting colder, snowbunnies and ski bums alike are starting towards the mountains, thinking about the perfect powder. If you’re lucky enough to have a vacation home in the mountains, you know that the small details are really what make the difference between a personalized, thoughtful retreat, and a generic hotel room.

Characteristics of Mountain Lodge Decor

Most mountain lodges are spacious, and make the most of their beautiful views. This means large windows, high ceilings, and often a loft. However, that airiness can also get chilly, and so decor elements bring in some warmth with things like textured wood. This might include exposed beams, paneling on the walls, or even a showpiece like a finished heartwood coffee table. Nothing is better than warming up by the fire after a day out in the cold, and so lodges will also usually have a large central fireplace and warm lighting. Woven and textured fabrics also add a cozy effect.

Modern mountain decor usually features cool color schemes, with soft greys, and saturated maroon and navy shades that reflect a scandinavian style. However, some people like to go in a more western direction with buffalo blankets, Indian-pattern rugs, and cowboy paraphernalia.

Add Some of These Natural Accents

Looking to spruce up your mountain retreat with more of these decorative elements? Here are some unique ideas that will make your mountain lodge a slice of alpine paradise:

  • Exposed beams: These give a natural, homemade appearance to the structure.

  • Potbellied stove in the center of the room: This will always add some warmth and old-fashioned charm.

  • Wooden switchplate panels: Small accessories like this can make or break a place. Look at our unique designs here.

  • Antlers: Not the mounted-dead-animal type? Get a similar effect with the yearly sheds that you’ll find from deer and elk.

  • Stone backsplash in the kitchen: Lodge retreats are all about the natural elements of wood and stone. Bring it into the kitchen.

  • Bookshelf crowded with old books: This increases the cozy feel and encourages the kind of lounging and thinking that’s perfect for a mountain vacation.

  • Hand-crocheted blankets: Thick-weave blankets create just the kind of rustic coziness that feels so good at the end of an active day. Use cool colors and warm materials.

  • Rustic gallery wall: Those wide-open spaced rooms can afford a little bit of wall clutter to give visual interest. So have fun with a mish-mashed gallery wall featuring outdoor scenes, family photos, and antique portraits.