Cozy Home Decor Updates for Fall

Autumn brings a special opportunity to introduce cozy elements into your home. There are many classic themes that instantly make a part of your home look festive and inviting, and there are many ways that you can easily introduce all of the colors of fall into all of the rooms in your home. Some techniques are tried and true, and other ideas might be things that you've never thought of before, but here are some of the best home decor ideas that you can use to decorate your house for fall.


When adding curb appeal, most people agree that you should have an attractive door. But painting or staining your door a bold color is only one way that you can make your house stand out on the block. Adding a wreath with orange and yellow leaves adds a pop of color that's instantly inviting. You can also purchase or make a wreath with miniature pumpkins or corn husks.

Light Switch Covers

When you're looking for a way to add festivity to a room without doing any major projects, you should consider adding some festive switch plates to your light switches. White light switch covers aren't the only option on the market for switch plates. In fact, there are many options that can add warm interior design during the autumn season. For instance, some metallic finishes actually add a touch of warmth with a rich copper hue. What's nice about this particular switch plate is that it doesn't center around one fall holiday, so it looks great all autumn long, and you can even keep it up when winter arrives.

Table Decorations

Fall is traditionally seen as a time of harvest. Consequently, we decorate our homes with many of the foods that are often harvested during this time of year. Add a touch of the warmth and goodness that food brings by dressing your dining table with a centerpiece of dried corn on the cob, squash, faux cranberries, and other harvest foods that make people feel warm on the inside.

Throw Pillows, Blankets, and Wall Art

An easy way to transform a living room from summer to fall is to change the color of some of the accessories in the room. For instance, burnt orange pillows and a rust-colored throw blanket draped over the side of the couch's arm adds an effortless touch that your guests will notice. You can also hang a simple piece of wall art to further pull in a vibe that's reminiscent of fall. Photographs of apple cider or kitschy wall art that depicts other warming foods is always a way to make your home fresh but still cozy.


Plaid is a great way to add some warmth to nooks and crannies in your home. The pattern comes in a wide range of color combinations, and it's great for almost any home. Try adding a couple of kitchen towels with plaid designs.

Decorating your home should be a fun process, so don't let the change in weather make you feel like your home's interior design is out of season. There are many home decor ideas that you can use to add seasonal flair.