Sometimes all a space needs is a creative use of color to add that special flair you're looking for. Neutral hues, vibrant colors, natural palettes, vivid color combinations that draw attention - however you're trying to breathe life into a space, follow some of these tips to help turn your scene into an indoor marvel.

It's all about the details
Some homeowners think they need to boldly repaint walls and buy new furniture sets to restyle their rooms the way they like. Take a tip from HGTV: sometimes the smallest details can change a room dramatically. Buying colorful accessories like placemats and dishware can shift a kitchen from bland to bold. A new set of throw pillows can turn a dreary couch into a vivid display. Don't repaint those walls. Feed your inner artist by changing to designer switch plates. You don't always have to drown a room in paint to brighten it up. You'll be surprised how much can change with just a little splash of color.

Use combinations
Save the monochromatic decorating for the closet. Thinking in combinations is critical. Don't stop with the paint on the wall. Plan it out further. What window pane color will accent the walls? What furniture looks best under those window panes? Does that furniture blend with the plug covers? What about the end tables? Designing in color combinations is instrumental in giving your interior a remarkable look. For some expert examples, try a few recommendations  from House Beautiful magazine. Remember, even subtle changes in color can transform your space entirely.

Kick up the color in personal spaces and kids' rooms
It's hard to commit a color crime in a children's room. Use that space as an outlet for zany color combinations and a wide array of vibrant hues. Kids' rooms should be fun, friendly and exciting. Don't skimp on the use of colorful accessories, toys and decorations. There's a whole list of colorful switch plates that suit a child's space perfectly. Make the room bright and cozy, and don't be afraid to ask for your child's input. There are few wrong answers when decorating a youngster's living space.

In that same vein, there are few mistakes to be made with your personal space. Whether it's your study or your bedroom, eccentric colors and bold combinations are welcome in your personal setting. Use the opportunity to let loose and try a style that isn't seen in the rest of your home. Try using a dark or pale color primarily and use a favorite bright color as an accent. Try a few different options, and see what suits you best.