Reading a book has the magical ability to absolutely transport you somewhere new and exciting. You don’t have to even leave your house to enter a brand new world, filled with unknown places and faces. That’s one of the beauties of being an avid reader. Whether you find time to read on a regular basis, and start new books every single week, or if you wish you had more time in your busy schedule to satisfy your love for books and words, there are always more ways to incorporate your love of reading into your daily life.


Turn your favorite book into a wall


Do you have a favorite book, or even better, a favorite chapter in a book, that you read over and over again, because it’s that good? What better way to immortalize this chapter, than to paint it onto your wall? Although a time intensive project, it’s one that will be more than worth the time that’s put into it, and will be something all of your guests are impressed by. It’s easiest to start with a white wall, and use matte black paint to very carefully write the chapter out onto the wall. Use a small brush, and work slowly.


Modge Podge pages onto furniture


If you like upcycling furniture, this tip is for you! Find a sturdy coffee table or end table, the color of it doesn’t matter. Get a copy of your favorite book(second hand is best, as well), and rip out each individual page. Arrange them onto the surface of your table, and modge podge them down. For best results, cover the entire surface of the table, including the legs and edges, not just the top.


Book inspired switch plates


There are so many different things that you can do with your switch plates, to show your love for books. You can take the same route as the coffee table, and get a switch plate covered in book pages. Or get one decorated after your favorite books. Or choose a vintage inspired switch plate, and then paint your favorite book character onto the wall above the switch plate, to make it look like they’re sitting/standing on it.


Books ARE the decoration


The most underrated form of book decoration, is books themselves. Find a stack of vintage books and stack them on coffee tables, end tables, or entertainment centers. In especially old books, you can break the spines to make the books lay flat, and lay them out on different surfaces.