10 Best Light Switch Covers of 2020

When it comes to decorating a room, the small details matter. For that reason, finding the right light switch cover can put the finishing touch on any room. While picking out a switch cover, you want one that pulls together the interior design of your room. Whether it has a rustic style or modern feel, there are switch covers that can tie your room together. Here's a list of the 10 best switch plate covers of 2020.

1. Glass Mirror Outlet Cover

Unlike other glass mirror plate covers, this one is made of real glass rather than acrylic. It adds a level of glamour to any room. Depending on the rest of the decor, this glass cover provides either a modern or elegant look. As a result, few other covers are more versatile.

2. Oil Rubbed Bronze Light Switch Plate

Adding an oil rubbed bronze light switch cover to your wall is a great way to add timeless beauty. It contains a hint of copper color, which provides the appearance of classical artisanship. The genuine bronze finish gives it a natural darkness, so it complements rooms that need a pop of accent color.

3. Satin Nickel Switch Cover

This satin nickel outlet cover is the perfect display of contemporary-modern style. Also, it's forged from solid brass, so it's much tougher than the brittle zinc plates that most manufacturers offer. This cover will stand up to anything that you can throw at it.

4. Antique Brass Outlet Plate

The antique brass plate ensures that you don't have to sacrifice style for function. Much like the satin nickel plate, it's forged from solid brass. Despite its heavy-duty build, it can still add a brilliant finish to classy rooms.

5. Straight Mother of Pearl Light Cover

What's not to love about these switch plates? These straight mother of pearl covers are made from 100% natural nacre, which is also known as mother-of-pearl. The pearly layer sits on a sturdy aluminum base that creates more stability. Unlike man-made nacre, this cover brings a level of authenticity to your room.

6. Art Deco Step Satin Nickel Plate

The color of this art deco step stain nickel outlet cover is similar to that of the satin nickel switch plate. However, this version offers a little more visual flair with beveled edges that form "steps." This design gives the cover a one-of-a-kind look.

7. Vermont Recycled Slate Cover

Do you want light switch covers that have their own unique personality? You can't go wrong with Vermont recycled slate covers. The switch plates are made from authentic Vermont slate roofing tiles, which means that no two covers are the same. Instead of the tiles becoming waste in landfills, they can become natural, yet beautiful, additions to your home.

8. Antique Pewter Plate

Antique pewter plates are made from high-quality brass. They're hot-forged, which means that they provide a level of strength that typical electrical outlet plates can't. Best of all, each one is hand-rubbed to give it an antique pewter finish.

9. Art Deco Step Oil Rubbed Bronze Outlet Covering

Like the art deco step satin nickel covering, this one features a unique beveled, step design. The color matches that of the other oil rubbed bronze outlet covering on this list. However, the unique bevel adds a slightly classier look to this plate.

10. Polished Nickel Outlet and Switch Cover

This polished nickel covering is strong and extra thick. As a result, it's likely to last many years. On top of that, the cover provides a sleek design thanks to its hand-finished polish. This cover is perfect if you want an industrial or minimalist design for your room.

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