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Switchplate Not Flush Against Wall

Switchplate Not Flush Against Wall

If your switchplate doesn't lie perfectly flush against the wall, there may – or may not be – a solution.

Get Your Screwdriver
If there is a gap between the switchplate and the wall, it could be a minor adjustment. With the switchplate removed, you'll notice 2 screws on the switch (or outlet) that screw into the electrical box sitting in the wall. By tightening the top and bottom screws, the switch should sink into the wall further. You want to tighten the switch so the metal braces are at minimum flush with the wall. This will pull the switchplate closer to the wall also and eliminate the gap.

Flat Backs
We have a number of switchplate artists who make their switchplates from a flat piece of stock and the backs are not recessed. If the switch is not sunk into the wall as described above, the screws used to secure the switch to the electrical box may be the cause of this gap. Again, try to tighten the switch into the box so the switch's screws are at least flush with the wall.

Bad Electrician
Not to pass blame, but we do find far too many customers whose electricians did not install the electrical boxes deep enough for the switch to sit properly. In that case, the flat back plates will not lie flush.

Warped Switchplate
Some of our artists make very unique products...by hand. Sometimes they are not "perfect" as a manufactured plate. We make no excuses for our quest to give you the broadest selection as possible. We consider these crafted imperfections as character.

What to do?
We would suggest try living with it for a while. Enjoy the artistry of the switchplate and you will notice in a short amount of time the gap will "disappear"...the beauty of the switchplate will grow on you and take all the focus. But, if it bothers you, please feel free to return any item according to our Return Instructions.

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