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Odd Configurations

Odd Configurations

Switch Hits carries all the standard sizes. We still can't understand how some homeowners and professionals alike come up with some of the crazy combinations of switches, duplex outlets and Decora devices we have seen. In most instances, we can help with weird and highly unusual setups...other times, well, we'll have to see. Contact Switch Hits with a complete layout of your electrical devices...or better yet, send a picture of your odd configuration and we'll do our best to solve your dilemma.

Odd Configuration Suggestion
For really crazy combinations, it's highly unlikely you'll find a standard switchplate. Sorry, but our artists and manufacturers do not do any custom work.

A rather simple solution is to either change the arrangement of your existing electrical devices, or replace one of your switches or outlets with a new device that has the same function but a different shape. For the most part, it's a few screws, a few wires, and you're all set. Once you get a standard configuration, you'll have hundreds of design choices. If not a standard layout, your choices are very limited.

Check out our Electrical Devices and see how the same device can come in the shape of either a Duplex or a Decora. Hence, a simple substitution will give you a much wider selection of design choices.

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