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Switch Plate Collections

An overview of our thousands of available switch plate designs. Switch Hits' staff has criss-crossed the country dozens of times to find you the world's largest selection of decorative light switchplates… and the majority of them are in stock and can be shipped immediately.

All Fired Up Ceramic Image
All Fired Up Ceramic
162 Choices
Stonique Image
13 Choices
Brainerd Designs Image
Brainerd Designs
11 Choices
Art Deco Image
Art Deco
10 Choices
Colored Glass Image
Colored Glass
12 Choices
Vermont Slate Image
Vermont Slate
7 Choices
Hardwoods Image
39 Choices
Steampunk Image
27 Choices
Leather Image
12 Choices
Textured Brass Image
Textured Brass
4 Choices
Colors in Motion Image
Colors in Motion
7 Choices
Arts & Crafts Image
Arts & Crafts
17 Choices
Whimsical & Fun Image
Whimsical & Fun
131 Choices
Leaf Border Image
Leaf Border
3 Choices
Funky Ceramic Image
Funky Ceramic
21 Choices
Folk Art Ceramics Image
Folk Art Ceramics
54 Choices
Mother of Pearl Image
Mother of Pearl
1 Choice
Wrought Iron Image
Wrought Iron
18 Choices
Shabby Chic Image
Shabby Chic
15 Choices
Fancy Chic Image
Fancy Chic
29 Choices
Hammered Metals Image
Hammered Metals
20 Choices
Stamped Metal Image
Stamped Metal
3 Choices
Cute as a Button Image
Cute as a Button
0 Choices
Bamboo Beauties Image
Bamboo Beauties
6 Choices
Beach to Garden Scene Image
Beach to Garden Scene
62 Choices
Corian Image
81 Choices
Rustic Theme Image
Rustic Theme
21 Choices
Antigua Image
3 Choices
Woodsy Metal & Slate Image
Woodsy Metal & Slate
32 Choices
Marble & Granite Image
Marble & Granite
2 Choices
Into the Woods Image
Into the Woods
8 Choices
Classic Ceramic Image
Classic Ceramic
31 Choices
Hand Forged Image
Hand Forged
2 Choices
Wired & Jeweled Image
Wired & Jeweled
1 Choice
Haitian Art Image
Haitian Art
42 Choices
Vintage Brass Image
Vintage Brass
2 Choices
Muscle Car Image
Muscle Car
5 Choices
3-D Wooden Animals Image
3-D Wooden Animals
26 Choices
Artsy Pewter Image
Artsy Pewter
4 Choices
Handmade Ceramic Image
Handmade Ceramic
19 Choices
Simply Southwest Image
Simply Southwest
4 Choices
Celestial Elements Image
Celestial Elements
9 Choices
Celestial Pewter Image
Celestial Pewter
0 Choices
Classic Pewter Image
Classic Pewter
5 Choices
Classy Ladies Image
Classy Ladies
16 Choices
Beach Ceramic Image
Beach Ceramic
2 Choices
Glow in the Dark Image
Glow in the Dark
4 Choices
Hand Carved African Image
Hand Carved African
3 Choices
Hand Cast Bronze Image
Hand Cast Bronze
9 Choices
Renaissance Image
4 Choices
Handcast Pewter Image
Handcast Pewter
10 Choices
Jovial & Colorful Image
Jovial & Colorful
25 Choices
Mexican Talavera Image
Mexican Talavera
0 Choices
Patterned Pewter Image
Patterned Pewter
2 Choices
Perverted Image
4 Choices
Sandy Beach Image
Sandy Beach
2 Choices
Shapely Patina Image
Shapely Patina
3 Choices
Southwest Image
9 Choices
Southwest Color Image
Southwest Color
3 Choices
Street Sign Image
Street Sign
2 Choices
This Old House Image
This Old House
2 Choices
Birch Bark Image
Birch Bark
2 Choices
Western Theme Image
Western Theme
12 Choices
Golfers Image
1 Choice
Hand Crafted Pewter Image
Hand Crafted Pewter
12 Choices
3 Dimensional Image
3 Dimensional
17 Choices
Rustic Americana Image
Rustic Americana
12 Choices
Faux Leather Image
Faux Leather
1 Choice
Miscellaneous Image
5 Choices
Nightlights Image
82 Choices

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