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Perfect for the Beach Condo - Switch Plates & Outlet, GFI Rocker Covers

Walking along tide pools at dusk, the shells of the sea life catching the last rays of the sun, is the hallmark for total relaxation. Sand in between toes, ocean breeze dragging strands of hair off the face - the beach can bring calm to even the most frenzied of us. The Perfect for the Beach Condo collection of switch plates allows us the respite of the ocean in our own homes. A Raku clay base, burlap texturing techniques, and meticulous hand-glazing makes every aquatically-themed switch plate a treasure.

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Bamboo Tree Switch Plate Covers Image
Bamboo Tree
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Cat Tail Switch Plate Covers Image
Cat Tail
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Egret Switch Plate Covers Image
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Koi Fish Switch Plate Covers Image
Koi Fish
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Palm Tree Island Switch Plate Covers Image
Palm Tree Island
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Sandhill Crane Switch Plate Covers Image
Sandhill Crane
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Chinese Orchid Maroon Switch Plate Covers Image
Chinese Orchid Maroon
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Iris Purple Switch Plate Covers Image
Iris Purple
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