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Mirror on the Wall - Switch Plates & Outlet, GFI Rocker Covers

If you've ever watched a show about interior design or read a magazine article about the art of decorating, you know that mirrors are often touted as must-have accessories. Sure, they're useful when you need to check your appearance, but they serve a variety of other purposes, too. Mirrors can help make a space look bigger by creating the illusion of depth, and they can lighten up a room that has a lack of windows. They can even reflect interesting colors or patterns from other accessories. These gorgeous glass switch plates can help you achieve all of these design goals - without requiring a major time or money commitment!

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Glass Mirror Switch Plate Covers Image
Glass Mirror
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Mylar Covers Switch Plate Covers Image
Mylar Covers
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Mirrored Dimmer Knob Switch Plate Covers Image
Mirrored Dimmer Knob
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Mirror Gasket Kits Switch Plate Covers Image
Mirror Gasket Kits
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