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Red Oak Satin Lacquer Image

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Red Oak is found often as hard wood flooring. Just as a roomful of flooring works well with its variety of colors and grains, a roomful of Red Oak switchplates will also give you a good mixture of beauty.

This is the real thing. Quality hardwoods. Quality finishes. Quality workmanship. No stains are used to fake a color...the color will change as it ages with its beautiful finish.

Of course, no two are alike and wood grains will vary.

About Wood
Wood is a natural material, with variations in color, texture and figure. These variations are influenced by the natural growing process and are uncontrollable by the woodworker. The color of wood within a tree varies between the sapwood (the outer layers of the tree which continue to transport sap), which is usually lighter in color than the “heartwood” (the inner layers in which the cells have become filled with natural deposits). Various species produce different grain patterns (figures), which influence the selection process. There will be variations of grain patterns within any selected species. The architectural woodworker cannot select solid lumber cuttings within a species by grain and color in the same manner in which veneers may be selected. Color, texture and grain variations will occur in the finest architectural woodworking.
Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards, 7th Edition, Version 1.0, 1997

Medium: 100% Hardwood hand made, hand-finished switch plates.

Screws: Screws are included.

Cleaning: Clean Red Oak Satin Lacquer switch plate covers with mild soap and warm water. Do Not use abrasive cleaner.

Collection: Hardwoods
Material: Wood

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Red Oak Satin Lacquer

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