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Hand Painted Designs - Switch Plates & Outlet, GFI Rocker Covers

When you're looking for custom switch plates, you want pieces that are truly unique. This is why you should check out plates from this collection, which are each handcrafted with either fun and wacky designs or beautiful and classy ones that are sure to suit your unique tastes. Do you sometimes feel like a dancing queen eager to have a fun night out on the town? There's a plate in this collection for you! Or maybe you're the kind of person who prefers images of flowers or ornate designs? We've got those plates as well.

Floral and Garden Image
Floral and Garden
49 Choices
Funky Girl Image
Funky Girl
5 Choices
Funky Princess Image
Funky Princess
5 Choices
Mermaid Image
1 Choice
Patchwork Image
15 Choices
People Image
28 Choices
Swirls Image
4 Choices
Abstract Flower Image
Abstract Flower
3 Choices
Baby - Lots of Dots Image
Baby - Lots of Dots
4 Choices
Baby -  Swirlies Image
Baby - Swirlies
4 Choices
Bugs Image
4 Choices
Daisies - Dainty Image
Daisies - Dainty
5 Choices
Daisies - Stout Image
Daisies - Stout
5 Choices
Daisies and Dots Image
Daisies and Dots
10 Choices
Daisy Border Image
Daisy Border
6 Choices
Dancing Queen Image
Dancing Queen
3 Choices
Dandelion Image
1 Choice
Diamond Image
7 Choices
Diamonds Image
10 Choices
Dogs and Cats Image
Dogs and Cats
6 Choices
Dot Image
5 Choices
Dotted Quilt Image
Dotted Quilt
4 Choices
Dotty Image
4 Choices
Double Stem Flower Image
Double Stem Flower
2 Choices
Fishies Image
4 Choices
Flower Bounty Image
Flower Bounty
6 Choices
Flower Field Image
Flower Field
6 Choices
Flower Spiral Image
Flower Spiral
9 Choices
Flowering Vines Image
Flowering Vines
19 Choices
Flowers and Spirals Image
Flowers and Spirals
9 Choices
Flowers Aplenty Image
Flowers Aplenty
6 Choices
Fruit Market Image
Fruit Market
6 Choices
Angel Image
5 Choices
Geometric - Lattice Image
Geometric - Lattice
6 Choices
Hearts Image
4 Choices
Kids Image
27 Choices
Love Is Image
Love Is
2 Choices
Ornate - Chateau Image
Ornate - Chateau
6 Choices
Wavy Swirl Image
Wavy Swirl
4 Choices
Ornate - Fleur Image
Ornate - Fleur
9 Choices
Ornate - Manoir Image
Ornate - Manoir
6 Choices
Ornate - Palais Image
Ornate - Palais
6 Choices
Ornate - Pavillon Image
Ornate - Pavillon
6 Choices
Ornate - Villa Image
Ornate - Villa
4 Choices
Plaid Image
5 Choices
Polka Dots Image
Polka Dots
6 Choices
Rosebuds Image
3 Choices
Sailboats Image
4 Choices
Spirals and Stars Image
Spirals and Stars
4 Choices
Starburst Image
6 Choices
Starburst Fireworks Image
Starburst Fireworks
5 Choices
Starburst Nova Image
Starburst Nova
6 Choices
Starburst Splendor Image
Starburst Splendor
6 Choices
Stars Image
4 Choices
Stripes Image
5 Choices
Dots Image
3 Choices

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