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Cleaning Switchplates

Cleaning Switchplates

As a general rule, a mild dish detergent and water will clean up the majority of your decorative switchplates just nicely. Window cleaner will also work. Most of the brass and other metal switchplates are protected and can be cleaned the same way.

DO NOT ever use abrasive cleaners.




Here are some specific instructions from our artists:

Stonique Switchplates
Stonique switchplates have a sealant on them and can be wiped clean with just about any mild household cleaner.

Primo Brass Switch Plates
Hammered Polished Copper switchplates: Copper is a living metal and will patina naturally. We do not clear coat them. To clean, we suggest a good quality metal polish such as Flitz Metal Polish.

Polished Brass Smooth: These are not coated and will patina. This process can be reversed with a little metal polish like Flitz Metal Polish.

Satin Silver Smooth: These are silver plated, they do tarnish. With their fragile plating, we do not recommend polishing. You can use a carnauba wax on them.

Bright Nickel Smooth: We use Flitz Metal Polish to clean and protect the Bright Nickel finish. Any good quality metal polish will do, just make sure it does not contain any grit or acidic elements.

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