World's Largest Selection of Decorative Switch Plates

Fresh ideas for decorating with dividers

Creative room dividers blend the openness of a large space with the utility of defined rooms for an engaging new look.Dividers have many functions, including delineating specific spaces, adding extra privacy, concealing clutter and, best of all, creating decorating touches that refresh a room. There... [More]

How to add magic to a young child's room

The same premise that makes Disney World so special is one you can use in decorating a room for a young boy or girl.It's magic. Surprisingly, with a little creativity, that magic can be achieved enjoyably and without great effort or expense.HGTV devoted several articles to the subject, and the r... [More]

Tips for decorating in the spirit of high-end hotels

Sometimes a "staycation" is just what you need, and you can make it fabulous with some hotel-inspired decorating.California Home + Design magazine identified several hotels around the state with sensational do-it-yourself ideas for homeowners.San Francisco's Japantown is home to Hotel ... [More]

Secrets for decorating your bath: It's all about the small stuff

While remodeling an entire bath can be pricey and messy, redecorating is a simple matter of attention to detail.You may privately want a claw-foot tub, but your left brain decided that it just wasn't worth the cost or the chaos. So where do you go from there to give your bathroom a refreshing ne... [More]

Perk up your closets, and organize your life

If you've ever stood in front of your closet half-awake and felt your wardrobe spinning out of control, now is the time to get inspired and take action.Cleaning and organizing closets may be considered one of the least interesting household projects, but all that can change with a spark of ... [More]

Valuable tips for making a home office more livable, workable

If this is the year you'll be working from a home office, you can start by delineating your space, owning it and lighting it with care.It sometimes happens that the same people who approach most rooms of their home with a thoughtful eye to decorating, furnishing and accessorizing will treat the ... [More]

Decorating ideas for welcoming spring, one snowflake at a time

Depending on where you live, today's weather may be unbearably cold and snowy: All the more reason to touch up your living space for an upcoming celebration of spring.HGTV relayed a number of ways to welcome spring, many of which you can begin well before the season actually arrives. The key is ... [More]

The tray's the thing: Small decorating projects can make a huge impact

Small decorating changes often make an enormous impact, and you can use trays to do just that, easily and inexpensively.According to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, the satisfaction of do-it-yourself decorating is that you can personalize your room, apartment or condo with DIY touches that make o... [More]

Ideas for decorating an apartment without paint

Apartment dwellers may feel limited in their decorating efforts because they can't always paint their walls, but there are plenty of ways to beautify without paint.It might seem daunting at first: You want to give your rental apartment a fresh look but the lease won't allow repainting. Walls... [More]

Ideas for giving your home office a quick facelift

Your office should be a place you're happy to settle into each morning, and the home office is no exception.Since it's a space where you spend one-third of your day, it should also be decorated with the care you give to your bedroom and living areas. As a fresh new year begins, what better t... [More]


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