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Make your home sunny for summer

Old man winter has skulked away for a long nap, and spring and summer are upon us. As the seasons change it can be fun to change the inside of your home to match the climate outside. Let some light in What's the point in having more hours of daylight if it's not shining into your ... [More]

Designers around the country spot new trends in color, accessories, window treatments

Home decorating magazines aren't the only places to find interesting angles and helpful tips: For regional trends, you might want to check local and national newspapers.Simple and natural The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported sightings of practical and renewable designs and a "... [More]

From catch-all to creativity: The art of coffee table decorating

Sometimes it seems like there are two types of coffee tables - the first ready for a photo shoot and the second an exercise in controlled clutter. With a bit of imagination, you can design a table all your own.The reason why the photo shoot variety isn't on the list of suggestions is b... [More]

Wallpaper decorating ideas that wow

If you've always loved wallpaper but weren't sure how to use it artfully, welcome to some visionary, idea-sparking approaches.First of all, remember that in today's decorating world, there are no rules. Don't use wallpaper on a ceiling or in small spaces? Sure you can - you just need... [More]

Concepts for creating and decorating a small home office

It can be a space next to a fireplace or between two windows: Creating a small home office is all about where you find the space and what you put into it.Dismiss the notion that a small but organized home office demands a room - or even a wide open space - of its own. HGTV itemized a number of ... [More]

How to make spring cleaning a personal spa day

For most people, spring cleaning takes less than a day but can mean so much more than a tidy home. Think about it. Far from being a day of drudgery, spring cleaning is a time to clean up, dust off and clear out - to make a break with the past that's every bit as real as New Year's ... [More]

Create joyful bedrooms that please both teens and adults

Sometimes it seems that adults and their teenage children have little in common, but both share a love of comfortable, happy spaces.Where you live - not just the town or the street, but the space - makes a huge difference in your outlook on life, and you can make a happy space anywhere. House Beauti... [More]

Options for organizing and revitalizing your kitchen

With the new year telling you to get organized and an approaching spring asking you to refresh, the kitchen is a perfect place to begin.Refreshing and redecorating a kitchen is a two-part process: First, organize, then revitalize.Organize by shedding clutter Almost every kitchen has items on c... [More]

Decorating outdoor space for spring? Think Cafe de Paris.

Late winter is the perfect time for California Dreaming - or even Parisian Dreaming - if you have a deck or patio yearning for spring.Since it's always better to start with a theme, why not go to the sidewalk cafes of the Left Bank for inspiration? Just about anything that works there, in terms ... [More]

Frugal options for do-it-yourself decorating

Do-it-yourself projects will always cost less than hiring a contractor, but some decorating projects don't cost anything at all.If you approach a decorating project with a budget of zero, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can work with and where you can find it.Start in Australia That... [More]


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