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Make your kitchen fun and livable with light and color

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It's where food is prepared and sometimes enjoyed, and with mealtimes often being  some of the few times during the week when busy families sit down, it should be a place that the chef of the house enjoys spending time in.&nb... [More]

Make a home office anywhere in the house

You've bought the desk, you have a lamp and your filing cabinet is awaiting the documents that it'll hold for you as you continue your career in a new home office. With help from Switch Hits' decorative plate covers, you can turn your professional base into the most productive worki... [More]

Create a divine dining room

The dining room is arguably the most important room in your home. It's where the family can gather in the evening to eat, drink and swap stories about the day. Family dinners may have fallen by the wayside to some extent in this mile-a-second world, but not entirely. Redesigning your dining... [More]

What's mine is mine: Dividing the bathroom into his and hers

The bathroom is where you perform your morning routine before heading out to face the world and the place where you might kick back at the end of the day with a relaxing soak in the bath tub. Privacy is of the utmost importance, and so is making sure that your things are where you lef... [More]

What to choose for redoing walls: Paneling, paper or paint?

Redoing your walls is a big task, but it all starts by picking between three different options. Do you repaint, repaper or use a nice wood paneling? It all depends on the layout of the room, the furniture you already have in the space and what style you're shooting for. Instead of showing y... [More]

Brighten up a room with a glass bottle lamp

Lighting is a key element of any room's design, but it's not all about the type of lighting or the bulbs you use - the lamps are important features too. There are dozens of designs, styles and types of lamps that range from bulky and decorative to sleek and sophisticated, and it's often ... [More]

Decorate a small apartment like a pro

Sprucing up a small living space can be difficult and frustrating. Furniture is often too large. Appliances are cramped together and hard to move. The space's size can be unsettling at times, and making the rooms look well laid-out and neat can be challenging.There are plenty of tips d... [More]

Dazzle guests immediately with an elegant entryway

Focusing on the living room, dining room and kitchen is immensely important for homeowners who often host guests, but the real interior expert knows that the foyer sets the groundwork for the rest of the home. Committing an entryway error can mean giving new guests the wrong impression the mome... [More]

Controlling light can help treat light sensitivity

Photophobia, commonly known as a sensitivity to light, is fairly common and can often be alleviated with simple changes to your home and office lighting.While this sensitivity may be the result of a corneal abrasion, burn or disease, according to the National Institutes of Health,&nbs... [More]

Decorating tips for a mini makeover at a paltry price

While some remodeling projects can be costly, decorating can be strictly do-it-yourself if you're on a budget.Sure, new flooring or roofing or remodeling entire rooms can be expensive, but you can often give your home a mini makeover at a price ranging from low to free. The key is... [More]


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