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Tidy up your home with a few helpful hints

It doesn't matter how masterfully designed your home is, how beautiful the wood paneling on your walls is, how edgy the kitchen tiling is, how well the living room furniture blends with the decor or how artistic those leather switch plates are if your house is messy. Being a world-class decorato... [More]

Easy tips to touch up old walls

Do you use wallpaper or do you paint? Should you try painting something freehanded and artsy or rely on a stencil? Changing the paint on your walls can be a daunting task, but it's easy to turn a monotonous project into something you can be proud of with a few simple tips. Painting ove... [More]

How to decorate your bathroom on a budget

Expensive features, tiling and accessories make frugal bathroom decorating a tough task, but you can get quality results for fractions of the price by focusing on a few bathroom basics.Making it match is always in the budget Try your best to evaluate exactly how much you want to spend and make sure... [More]

How to design the perfect patio

For homeowners looking to expand the amount of livable space their homes offer, adding a patio may be the perfect fix, but it can be a looming task for decorators jumping into it without a game plan. Decorating a patio is much different than decorating the interior of your home, and there are a few ... [More]

Use color to bring a room to life

Sometimes all a space needs is a creative use of color to add that special flair you're looking for. Neutral hues, vibrant colors, natural palettes, vivid color combinations that draw attention - however you're trying to breathe life into a space, follow some of these tips to help ... [More]

Decorating tips for your new home

For first-time homeowners or recent vacation home buyers, decorating a new residence can be a big project. It's a time when everything about your previous style can be let go, or you can add to a theme you feel you've almost developed a mastery of. Whatever route you choose to go, you have a... [More]

Pick a home style that matches you

The first step in decorating your home is picking your style, and choosing the theme that fits you might be a little tougher than you think. Houzz writer Erika Ward is an interior designer, and she runs into trouble when she asks clients what their style is."Most clients identify a particular s... [More]

How minimalism makes less into more

If you like keeping it simple, sleek and organized, minimalist decorating might be right for you. Using empty space, simple patterns, sleek surfaces and straight lines, you can turn a room into a modern masterpiece, all while using the fewest amount of things possible.The benefits of living in a min... [More]

Bring the outdoors indoors by giving your home a rustic twist

Appreciate the outdoors from within your own home with a few neat and earthy tricks. You can make your study, kitchen, living room, bedroom or even bathroom into a forest landscape with a few knickknacks, a decorative switch plate or an inexpensive do-it-yourself project.Apartment Therapy noted... [More]

Remodel your kitchen on a limited budget

You've been thinking that it's time to revitalize your kitchen but you have a very small budget that you don't want to exceed. How can you get the best result for the dollars you spend, whether you're a DIY-er or you have a contractor all ready to go?Houzz advised homeowners tha... [More]


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