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Make your basement the ultimate party space

If you love hosting parties but find that you don't have enough space or are constantly having to move your furniture around to accommodate a large number of partygoers, it may be time to move the festivities downstairs. Many basements are used for storage or as an additional family ro... [More]

Encourage imagination in the playroom

You may have dominance over most of the house, but the playroom is a space that's primarily for the kids. It's where they go to exercise their imagination and have fun, so every design element should reflect that.If the space is largely undecorated, now's the time to get started. It may ... [More]

Inspire yourself with an office remodel

When you have a home office, it's important to design it properly. It's a space that should inspire you to work, but the decor shouldn't be so creative that it distracts you. So how do you find the perfect balance?Not only do you have to ensure that the room boasts form and function, but... [More]

Make laundry fun with the right decor

House chores probably aren't your favorite pastime, but unfortunately, there's no avoiding them. Laundry might be one of your most dreaded responsibilities - it's tedious and takes more time than you care to spend on it. However, with the right design, the task can be more bearable and p... [More]

Lighten up your home decor for summer

Once the winter cold has passed and the spring chill has given way to the sweltering summer heat, chances are you're going to be spending a lot more time in the warm sunshine. When you come home you don't want to experience the letdown that comes with entering a home decked out in dreary dec... [More]

Designing a colorful and classy living room

No matter what time of year it is, you can make it feel like spring all year long in a cozy and colorful living space designed to fit your personality and needs. You can do a complete revamp of the room with a new paint job, furniture and maybe even knocking a wall down. Whether you go big or go sma... [More]

Shooting pool at home in your own billiard room

Playing pool is a great way to unwind after work or to entertain yourself on the weekend, but playing at a bar or pool hall can be a pain. Whether you're waiting around for a table to open up or the crowd is just a little too tipsy for your tastes, you can't control the environment. Designin... [More]

Designing a home theater fit for a royal family

Plopping down on the couch with your remote control and a bowl of popcorn is one way to watch a movie, but with all the technology available for expanding the capabilities of home entertainment, why not build your own theater? If you've got an extra room you're not using and you want to enha... [More]

Create the perfect home art studio

Every artist needs a space in which he or she can think, work and, above all, create art. Turning one of your rooms into a home art studio can help you maintain focus on your work and provide you with a separate space in which you can sit and wait while inspiration washes over you before spilli... [More]

Designing a divine sun porch before summer

Oh, the sun porch. In the summer it can be the best room in the house, combining the natural scenery and breezy cool of the outdoors with the comforts of home furnishing. Bring some spark and personality to your sun porch and make it the perfect place to drink cocktails, spot fireflies or just laze ... [More]


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