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Take inspiration from the best when redesigning your hotel

Hotel switch plateWhile there are many aspects of your guests' hotel stay that they'll be talking about, one of the most important is the decor. Having good decor in your hotel can provide the wow-factor that will get the word of mouth going for your hotel. Here are a few ideas that some of ... [More]

Create a genuine antique feel for a classy room

Antique feelGenuine antiques are often gorgeous and have an undeniable appeal, but they can be expensive. Instead, try using items that mimic the look of antiques in terms of style and craftsmanship, or even restore older items that are in poor condition to create the same cultured look.Mix your ant... [More]

Go for gold with your decor

Gold is goodGold is the color of the first place prize for a reason. This color has long been tied to an inimitable value and shine ever since the material was first discovered. You can use the color gold to give your home a truly recognizable gleam that will dazzle your friends and family alike wit... [More]

Use the styles of the Renaissance to make your home beautiful

RENAISSANCE SWITCH PLATEThe Renaissance, the massive rebirth of art and culture after the Dark Ages, has had lasting impacts on the worlds of art and design for many years. The styles that came about from this inspiration are famed for their grace, taste and elegance. Implement a Renaissance vibe in... [More]

Tips for decorating your kid's room

Kid's roomWhen it comes to decorating your child's room, you'll want to have something that's fun and whimsical, yet have the space still be a place where you son or daughter can concentrate on doing homework assignments and other productive activities. These tips may help you find the p... [More]


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