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Get a solid style with wrought iron

IronyWrought iron is a gorgeous material, whether it's painted or left alone. This metal can be used for furniture, decor and frames. Bringing iron decor into your home can create a rustic aesthetic that will be appreciated by friends and family alike.In the bedroom For a country feel, try usin... [More]

Check out these eco-friendly home design tips

Eco-friendlyGoing green is all the rage - not only does it save the environment, but it can significantly lower energy costs in the long run. The green trend has proven to have significant staying power, so the time is now to go all in and try to make your home decor as eco-friendly as possible.Envi... [More]

Arrange your accessories for maximum appeal

Arrange your accessoriesWhile it can be easy to pick out just the right accessories for your home, arranging them in the perfect way can be trying. With so many types of accessories, all the way from decorative bookends to switch plates, you may be at a loss as to how to set them up for th... [More]

Cottages can be chic, too

Switch plateIt's often assumed that your cottage getaway, whether it's in the woods of Maine or the beaches of California, has to be rustic and traditional. While that classic look is fitting for many cottages, you can revitalize your space with chic new color schemes and a modern decor that... [More]

Use black to make for dramatic home decor

Power of blackBlack has always been a stylish color, and it can be very successful in your home. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to use this color in moderation, as a room that's all black can actually feel more cozy than imposing, but you can also just keep it to accents for a&nb... [More]

Get your home ready for fall with rust-colored decor

Rust or bustWhile no one likes to see rust on the underside of his or her car, this engaging shade can work wonders in your home decor. With fall well underway, you'll find that this color is fitting for the season, yet it has timeless qualities that allow it to be used all year. Here ... [More]

3 tips for redesigning your kitchen in green

GreenMany people opt for a white kitchen, but going for a different color can make your cooking space totally unique. Using one or more of the many shades of green, along with complementary colors, can create an unforgettable space where it will be more of a pleasure to cook and hang out with family... [More]

Choose beauteous bamboo for a brilliant home

Bamboo for youStrong, cheap and yet still good-looking, bamboo seems to have everything going for it. This material is becoming more popular domestically as well as overseas, and its versatility is making it an up-and-coming choice for anyone looking to add a new flavor of decor in&nb... [More]

Redesign the office with a balance of work and play

Colored glassIf your office space feels a little stale or you find yourself overseeing a complete change in office decor, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. One of the most important parts of running a good office is keeping a balance between fun and professional both in the environment a... [More]

Redo your kitchen with Corian

Corian goodnessCorian has become one of the most popular materials to use for contractors and homeowners alike. This versatile material is ideal in the bathroom and the kitchen as it doesn't stain and is incredibly easy to clean. Now you can finally have the perfect matching switch plate to go w... [More]


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