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What's mine is mine: Dividing the bathroom into his and hers

The bathroom is where you perform your morning routine before heading out to face the world and the place where you might kick back at the end of the day with a relaxing soak in the bath tub. Privacy is of the utmost importance, and so is making sure that your things are where you left them.

You love your significant other - you really do - but he doesn't want to find makeup all over the sink, and if you walk in one more time to find the toilet seat up there are likely to be serious repercussions for that man. Since it's such a personal space, keep avoidable and petty disagreements out of sight and out of mind by having his and hers bathrooms, or by simply dividing the space in a single bathroom.

Her bathroom
Assuming the lady of the house is partial to traditionally feminine themes, consider decorating her bathroom with pale pink and white tile. You can choose between simply dividing the bathroom into two halves, or building a wall between to separate the spaces, and install separate plumbing systems. House Beautiful recommends the goddess bath for women, calling it "the perfect spa experience." Water flows from the ceiling into a round tub where you can luxuriate the night away. A vanity with makeup lights is also a must, so you have a place to store your lady products and to beautify yourself in the morning. 

For an elegant touch to your miniature spa, deck the walls out in Switch Plates' Mirror Mirror On The Wall decorative outlet covers. You will definitely feel like the fairest of them all. 

His bathroom 
A great way to kick off your manly bathroom design is with a floor and backsplash of slate grey or charcoal colored tile. This no-nonsense choice will give you a bathroom that says it deserves to be taken seriously. For the drawers where you'll store your shaving supplies and other masculine hygiene products, dark cherry wood is an excellent choice. This Old House suggests a cherry and limestone bath for a look that will make you feel like a king. Another great addition to your manly commode is a ladder towel rack. You can buy one at the store, or you can keep it rustic by taking an old ladder used for construction projects, sanding and painting it yourself, and putting it in the bathroom to hang your towels on. 

Switch Hits' collection of hand cast bronze switch plates are the perfect way to complete this man cave of cleanliness. 

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