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Wallpaper decorating ideas that wow

If you've always loved wallpaper but weren't sure how to use it artfully, welcome to some visionary, idea-sparking approaches.

First of all, remember that in today's decorating world, there are no rules. Don't use wallpaper on a ceiling or in small spaces? Sure you can - you just need a design motif, uniquely your own, and a plan. Any unusual detail, like a bold patterned paper in a tiny foyer, makes a statement.

Wallpaper 101
Two things you should keep in mind as you fantasize about papering a room are that wallpaper isn't just for walls, and what works is what works for you. House Beautiful magazine interviewed Scot Meacham Wood, formerly of Ralph Lauren, on whether he believed wallpaper is in vogue. It was a good question with an easy answer: yes, totally and completely. Wood went on to elaborate that wallpaper has many decorating applications.

"As far as applications go, I wouldn't put too much significance on the word 'wall'  ... Cover a ceiling or line bookcases with it to liven up a room," he stated.

Not one to miss decorating opportunities, Wood also advised ordering more paper than you need, saving unopened rolls to ensure a perfect color match should you ever have to make repairs and saving unfinished rolls to use as wrapping paper.

Pairings and permutations
In papering walls, you have a wide range of choices in terms of designs and fabrics that can give you exactly the look you want. For example, HGTV encouraged pairing the paper with a decorative item that brings it to life. In one example, a dusty green and bronze wallpaper is enriched by an elegant, upswept vase that complements colors and accentuates patterns. Another lovely pairing mixes a fresh new color with a clearly traditional pattern for a great mix of old and new.

In terms of permutations, nowhere is it written that wallpaper must be made of paper: You can use natural fabrics like jute or even corkboard to cover walls in a most inventive way. Wall coverings can also be used to create a sense of age and history in a home that clearly has neither. Old-fashioned textured wall coverings can give a room depth and warmth. When using the more heavy-handed options for decorating your walls, choose switch plates and plug covers that exude understated elegance

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