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Use the styles of the Renaissance to make your home beautiful


The Renaissance, the massive rebirth of art and culture after the Dark Ages, has had lasting impacts on the worlds of art and design for many years. The styles that came about from this inspiration are famed for their grace, taste and elegance. Implement a Renaissance vibe into your decor can totally change the way your home feels.

Turn your dining room into a dining hall
The grand feasts and parties of the Renaissance have been famous for centuries. They involved elaborate costumes, gourmet dishes and, of course, breathtaking decor. To get your dining room to feel more like a Renaissance piece, you should try using lots of wood and antique metals. The iVillage blog suggested going all-out and using faux deer antlers on the wall paired with a hanging chandelier to make your home feel spectacularly aged. Match this with just the right switch plate and your dining room will outshine the rest.

Make your entryway feel grand
One of the most important parts of any Renaissance-era home was the grand entryway. Try making yours stand out by hanging oversize portrait paintings or reproductions in solid wood frames. These will give your home a regal look that's hard to replicate with any other style, yet you still have a variety of options. For a more classical look, try using old-fashioned  themed artworks like portraits of soldiers and their horses. You can update the look by using paintings with a more modern subject that are still painted in the Renaissance style, often using oil paints as the medium, noted Renaissance Rules.

Use the right materials for the job
You'll want to use materials that are either genuine or perfectly mimic the look of what was used in the Middle Ages. Cleverly substituting stone for resin, switch plates and other new decorations have the right idea in mind. They'll look like they could've come out of a museum, yet you can get them online for great prices.

The same is true of just about any material - you can find new items that have the look of antiques. Faux wood and sterling silver are stellar choices for the items that go on the wall or even for your furniture, as long as they look like they came out of the Middle Ages.

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