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Use black to make for dramatic home decor

Power of blackPower of black

Black has always been a stylish color, and it can be very successful in your home. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to use this color in moderation, as a room that's all black can actually feel more cozy than imposing, but you can also just keep it to accents for a subtler approach.

Go for stark black and white
For a truly eye-catching ensemble, try redoing a room totally in black and white. This stunning color combination was huge in the decor of the 1960s, and the revival of this period's decor has been coming back powerfully in the past few years. Better Homes and Gardens magazine noted that to make a good balance, try to keep all the items from one group - like furniture - white, while making pillows, tablecloths and end tables black. You can keep up this pattern by using black switch plates and frames for your mirrors or black artworks against a white wall. 

Use patterns for a stunning effect
Black and white decor is available in a huge number of patterns, with everything from checkered stripes to geometric shapes. Since everything is the same two colors, you don't have to worry nearly as much when it comes to matching your decor, so go wild and try a little of every pattern you can find! House Beautiful magazine noted that this style will keep your eyes moving, so make sure to use this particular approach in an area that you want to be fun and engaging, rather than a more relaxed setting like a bedroom or dining room.

Black furnishings make the rest of the room pop
If you want to add a small table and chair set to your room, consider getting it in all black. This bold choice will make sure that your furniture is truly the center of the room, and allow the rest of your decor to stand out. You can go with a classic look by adding a square white tablecloth over your black table, which adds a nicely removable touch of balance to your new centerpiece. This style can work in a room of any color, but may be even more successful if you match it with subtle black accents in the room, like switch plates or items on the mantel. 

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