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Use a dimmer switch to set the mood in your home

​Why just have the lights go on and off when you can have a full range to choose from? A dimmer switch can allow you to change the mood in your home from bright and cheery to intimate and private in just seconds, so you'll be sure to have the best parties and other events in your home. Pair it with the perfect switch plate and you'll be sure to impress. 

When having a party
If you're having a party in your home, you'll want to make sure that you can control the lighting. Being able to start off with bright, energetic light will make your guests more comfortable during the cocktail hour of your event, and you can use a dimmer switch to lower the lights during dinner so your guests can focus on one another while the meal is being served. This can also allow you to use candles and other alternative light sources that can make your entire party feel more personal while giving you the freedom to choose just how dim you want it to be. 

Country Living magazine noted that if you want to have parties outside, the lighting plays a huge role. As the light fades during the course of the meal, you can slowly add more light from overhead or inside for your guests' convenience. This will help them see their conversational partners and their dessert, too. 

For personal gatherings
Using your dimmer switches doesn't always have to coincide with a big party - you can enjoy these practical necessities every day. Any time that you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by full light, try lowering it just a tad with your dimmer switch. This can help you enjoy natural light for a little longer as the day winds on toward night. 

Your light control can also make for a more personal conversational space. Whether it's with your child, your spouse or your friend, you can set the perfect tone for your next talk with a dimmer switch, darkening the room so that you and your guest can have the most focus. Better Homes and Gardens magazine noted that the lighting can make or break any room, so be sure that you have total control of the mood. 

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