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Tips for redesigning your teenage son's room


Decorating a boy's room can be tricky when it comes to making compromises. The key is to make sure that you allow your teenage son to express himself while still making sure that the space is conducive to good study habits and not just for playing video games. Here are a few tips to make your teen's room strike the right balance.

Make sure it has his personal touches
Making a teenager's room look good and suit his desires may be tricky, but you just need to work with his interests. A collection of photos from Freshome showed that the cross-collaboration between you as a designer and your son can work out spectacularly. One important step to take is to find out your son's interests.

Whether it's music legends, sports stars or classic movie characters, don't be afraid to go for big framed posters as part of the decor. These are often produced by designers with a color scheme in mind, so you'll be able to find one that has both the desired person or character and the colors needed to match the decor.

Make the features exciting
When it comes to accessories, you'll want to use things that embrace both form and function. Think touch lamps and desks with lots of storage to help your son keep organized. Try hanging some steampunk switch plates for a radically different take on typical home design, noted Modern Mom.

When it comes to furniture, there are tons of options for a teenager's room. Keep in mind that kids these days don't necessarily like to do work sitting at their desk. Try making the bed or the floor more optimal for getting down to business by adding pullout surfaces. Similar to ones you might find in a kitchen to hold cookbooks, these can turn any space into an area that's ideal for work.

Many of the features of a typical room can be changed slightly to make them a little more personal. Try browsing through swatches of carpet, switch plates and other items to find ones that both you and your son agree on. Remember, if you can't come to a consensus, you can always change the room back after he moves out .

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