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Tips for making your kid's room fit for a superhero

As a parent, you're familiar with classic superheroes. It's no secret that these beloved characters have made a monumental comeback, and chances are your kid loves them.

If your little one has been running around wearing masks and saving various members of the household day after day, why not embrace his or her imaginative play and redecorate his or her bedroom? 

Figure out his or her favorite superheroes
By now, you're well aware of your kid's favorite characters, so look into the distinctive icons that each crime fighter wears and figure out the best way to incorporate them into the room's design - should they be on the wall, on the linens or on storage bins as featured on Remodelaholic? You can also feature the superheroes themselves throughout the room as supporting characters for your young one's play. 

Once you find the right sidekicks for your kid, consider these tips for the ultimate superhero room.

  • Establish the setting: Being a superhero means having to cover a lot of ground around the city. Design one corner to be the secret hideout where he or she can monitor radio transmissions for signs of trouble. Consider placing this near the closet, where your child can change into his or her superhero outfit. Make the rest of the room a cityscape that your little hero can roam and protect. 
  • Look at the details: It's the small items around the room that'll really set up the environment. Therefore, change out the switch plates to fit in with the superhero theme. The sci-fi and fantasy collection speaks to your kid's sense of wonder, while the steampunk collection can tie back to a crafty sidekick. Outlet covers that help protect your little one don't have to be detrimental to the design. Look for themed covers that enhance the decor!
  • Touch up some photos: Further bolster your kid's imagination by asking him or her  to pose with his or her favorite superhero props and taking photos. You can adjust the images to make them look as if they came straight out of comic books, which you and your kid will love showing off to visitors.

Imagination is a big part of your little one's life, and encouraging it through a superhero bedroom will allow you to take on a fun project that both of you will enjoy.

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