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Tips for making your closet more functional

For many people, it doesn't matter how big their closets are - there's never quite enough space for everything. Knocking out a wall and expanding into the next room probably isn't an option, but there are other ways you can make your closet more functional.

Whether you're hoping to add more clothing to your closet or simply want a better organization system, there are creative, affordable and aesthetically pleasing ways to do so. Take spring cleaning to the next level this year and get ready to redesign your closet.

Purge your possessions
The first and perhaps most difficult step in optimizing your closet is getting rid of clothing, pointed out Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Some items might have sentimental value, but in the end, ask yourself: Would I rather keep this shirt I never wear or replace it with a new item that I would wear all the time? 

This is also an opportunity to separate your clothing seasonally. Now that warmer weather has arrived, it's high time to stash away the sweaters. If you normally store your off-season outfits in your closet, consider moving them into the attic or basement instead to free up more space.

Once you've cut down your closet to items that you'll definitely keep and wear, here are some tips that'll optimize the functionality of the space.

  • Use a shelf system: Expand your vertical storage space by using a shelving unit. There are plenty of models - some stand on the floor while others hang. Regardless of whether a majority of your clothes are hung or folded, a shelving system will give you more room to store small items such as socks and shoes.
  • Divide by activity: If you work an office job but prefer jeans and a T-shirt on the weekends, separate your work clothes from your social ones. This makes for quicker mornings.
  • Change the light switch: Alter the atmosphere of the closet by purchasing a decorative switch plate that speaks to your personality and unique style. There are endless possibilities when it comes to switch plates, from elegant hammered metals to whimsical ones made from street signs. 
  • Switch out the bulb: Further streamline your mornings by changing the lighting. Brighter lights will allow you to see better, but if you're worried about your eyes, dimmer switches or energy-efficient bulbs will allow your eyes to adjust slowly.

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