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Tips for letting more natural light in your home

If you've installed decorative switch plates and outlet covers in your home, then you probably care about artificial lighting. Maybe you have dimmers throughout various rooms, or some intricate designer lamps to show the world that you understand the importance of having the right amount of artificial light. While this is important, you don't want to forget about natural lighting. Natural light can help your home feel warm and inviting, and if you always keep your shades drawn, you may be missing out. 

According to Fresh Home, natural light can improve your mood, which is why you should create ways for it to leak into your house. Furthermore, if you have a smaller home, natural light can make it appear larger. Here are some tips for brining more natural light into your living space. 

Bring in mirrors
Reader's Digest explained that mirrors reflect light, rather than absorb it the way that some dark materials can. This is why you should consider hanging a mirror opposite a window in your home, so it can reflect the natural light throughout the room. 

Create a skylight
While it may seem like a major renovation project, creating some skylights in your home is well worth the effort, according to the news source. Furthermore, sky lights can reduce your electricity bill because they provide the greatest amount of natural light for your home. Place skylights in rooms that your family uses the most, such as bathrooms. 

Get some greenery
Fresh Home explained that one good way to encourage yourself to keep your shades drawn more often is to get new plants that require sunlight. Plants can bring more oxygen into your home, and they can add a great deal to the aesthetic. 

Purchase sheer draperies
Reader's Digest explained that some window treatments like Roman shades will block the sun from streaming in even when they're open. This is why if you have any of these in your home, you should replace them with sheer drapes. 

Remove trees and shrubs
If you have any trees or large bushes around your home that block your windows, consider trimming or removing them so you can let more light in. 

If you're considering designing a new home for you and your loved ones, be sure to place plenty of windows in every room to let the light shine through. 

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