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Shooting pool at home in your own billiard room

Playing pool is a great way to unwind after work or to entertain yourself on the weekend, but playing at a bar or pool hall can be a pain. Whether you're waiting around for a table to open up or the crowd is just a little too tipsy for your tastes, you can't control the environment. Designing your own little pool playing pocket at home will give you the space and freedom you've always wanted, and allow you to shoot pool at your own pace. 

What should you you shoot for?
The first thing you'll want to do is break out the measuring tape and figure out which room you can fit a pool table in, while leaving room for the various accouterments you desire. You'll want to make sure that players have 4 to 6 feet of space in which to shoot. There are plenty of ways to customize your billiard room, whether you go for a modern look, classic British or fifties diner. If you settle on the latter, Home Guides suggests adding a juke box and a soda bar to the mix. You can stock your soda bar with the ingredients of your favorite cocktails for when you feel like imbibing with your friends. Switch Hits' muscle car collection has a great selection of colorful metal outlet covers that will add to the vintage look of the space.      

If you decide that the classic British route is more your speed, consider buying an antique pool table. It's the centerpiece of the room and in addition to giving you a place to play, will add class and style to the room. Decorative outlet covers from the hand crafted pewter collection are perfect for this design. 

Lighting up the room 
According to House Plans and More, natural light can create glare which can blind people as they're trying to play. If you choose a room that has windows make sure you add thick curtains to the windows to keep the light from interfering with the game. Most of the room should be cast in a dim light, with a slightly brighter light hanging over the table in order to ensure the entire thing can be seen clearly. The source went on to say that the light ought to be hung about three feet above the table, or 5 1/2 feet above the ground.

Throw in some seating to make sure you and your guests are comfortable between shots, and let the games begin!    

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