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Secrets for using splashes of color and light to brighten any space

Changing lighting changes color: Here are some ways to use paint and lighting to make breath-taking changes in any room of your home. 

Have you ever chosen a paint color in the store, only to bring it home and find that it looked totally different? It's sometimes called the "chameleon effect," but you can think of it as a decorating tool for brightening and transforming your home.

Changing the color of paint has always been one of the simplest and least expensive ways to make a major change in the look of a space - that's true leverage. When you add the component of light, whether it's natural light or light from wall or overhead fixtures, lamps or even candles, the difference can be spectacular. Paint is an essential decorating tool, and re-doing a space refers not only to walls but also to tables, benches and everything else that can be improved with a fresh coat of paint.

Begin with a vision
Start by visualizing what you want to create - How will it look and feel? What is the space used for, and who will be using it?

Eve Ashcraft, color consultant and founder of Eve Ashcraft Studio told Elle Decor that the first step is to ask yourself what the room is for. She added:

"I had a client who only used one of his rooms at night so he wanted it to look best then. This made all the difference in picking out the right color."

The color choice: Warm chocolate brown.

"It looked great with lamplight," said Ashcraft.

Her general principle is that if the space is cool and dark, add warmth, and if it's bright, use cool colors.

Light it right
Once you've chosen the color of paint, you're ready to add the internal lighting components. Select chandeliers, track lighting and table lamps that not only reflect your taste but also add the level of additional light you want to achieve. There's a wealth of ideas for decorating with light, from using suspended lighting or lamps to accentuate sculptures, paintings or even fireplaces, and then you can add accessories that fit the mood and the purpose. For example, you can add
decorative switch plates in a huge choice of styles and colors, some in reflective metals like antique brass and copper that will contribute to your pairing of color and light or unusual outlet covers that turn ordinary items into decorating tools.

Whatever your choices, you can use the chameleon effect with ease and with astonishing results.

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