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Make your smaller rooms feel larger with these DIY projects


Having a small room can make you feel cramped, but it can be easy to make the space feel open and breathable again. Here are a few tips that you can do right at home to inexpensively and beautifully redefine your small space without breaking the bank.

Make your own art
Hanging something right in the middle of a small wall space can make the entire room feel bigger, but you don't need to go to an art or decor store to find your perfect piece. Real Simple magazine suggested framing some fabric, or even just securing it directly over a frame. By using a patterned fabric, you can use virtually any color in any style that you want, so you'll be able to find a hardwood switch plate to match without a problem.

One way that you can do this project with a simple framed canvas is to just use a staple gun. Lay your fabric with the pattern facing down on your workspace and place the canvas on top. Use the staple gun to secure the top left corner with a staple just inside the frame, then pull the fabric tight and do the same for the top right corner. Keep repeating this process until you've stapled all four corners and, just like that, you've got your own DIY art that will expand the style and scope of your entire room.

Hang a long, narrow shelf
Hanging a shelf in a smaller room will immediately draw the eye across it, making the space feel much larger. Shelves offer great opportunities to display all sorts of fun things to match your switch plates and other accessories, whether they're decorations or family keepsakes. Either way, a new shelf can bring tons of possibilities into your home, and making one is quite easy.

First, simply measure the space across the room from wall to wall. Second, find a style of wood you'd like - for the purpose of making a smaller room feel bigger, you'll want to use a shelf that's thin vertically, but it can be as wide as you want. Once you've measured the distance between the walls, go ahead and cut your wood - remember, measure twice, cut once. While there are many ways to secure a shelf in place, one of the easiest will be to use hangers. Make sure to use a stud finder or tap the wall to make sure you secure your shelf in a sturdy part of the wall, noted the Washington Post.

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