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Make your home sunny for summer

Old man winter has skulked away for a long nap, and spring and summer are upon us. As the seasons change it can be fun to change the inside of your home to match the climate outside. 

Let some light in
What's the point in having more hours of daylight if it's not shining into your home? Sheer curtains let the bright sunlight in, and an indoor garden can bring a breath of fresh air into the home. No matter how far from the beach you are, a nautical theme can help scare away the winter blues. Lightly colored or pastel furniture can brighten up any room, but add some sheer curtains to the windows and see it really shine. Choose classic white, or if you're going for something more colorful, lightly colored orange, pink or yellow can make it seem like the sun is shining even brighter. Tight budget? Even a simple floor-length bolt of fabric will do the trick. 

When night falls, you can use translucent-colored lampshades to keep the house colorful, and accessorize with spring and summer decorative wall plates. 

Go green inside
If you're not the outdoorsy type but you love fresh herbs when you cook, an indoor herb garden is the perfect way to keep your tomato sauce flavorful. Some may relegate their gardening to the colder months, but with an indoor garden you can liven up your home and save on sun block.

Organic Gardening suggests placing the plants on the windowsill for sunlight - perhaps in the kitchen for easy access. Switch on the colorful lights at night with a garden-themed decorative plug cover accenting your indoor oasis. 

Party on the porch
Tone down the color and light scheme a little on your sun porch with white wicker furniture and a sea shell path leading up to the stairs. Better Homes and Gardens illustrates, how with a little hard work, you can create a shady outdoor spot out of the sun

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