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Make your bedroom an inspiring space

You spend many hours in your bedroom, but if they're mainly spent sleeping, it's time for a redesign. This cozy sanctuary should be a place to retreat to and relax in, not one that puts you to sleep because there's nothing to look at.

What better way to make the space more interesting than by enhancing the elegance factor? The bedroom is one of the most personal areas of a home, and you may have been shy to open its door to visitors in the past. However, after this redesign, you'll be more than happy to show it to everyone.

Find the right color scheme
One of the biggest and perhaps hardest decisions that you'll have to make early on is the color scheme. This will establish the overall atmosphere, which can be a lot of pressure. Rather than approach the situation as one with endless possibilities (though it is), think of it as a choice between warm and cool colors. 

A good way to choose between the two is to consider the climate in the region and pick the opposite color scheme. For example, the dry heat of the desert can be offset by a bedroom that features lots of blues and purples. On the other hand, frequent cold weather can be balanced out by a space that has many reds and oranges. 

Alternatively, if there are cultural designs that you're particularly drawn to, there are opportunities to use tried-and-true color palettes. 

Don't forget the details
Once you've established the color palette, it's time to move on to the finer details. Look to your light switch plates and outlet covers as starting points and as sources of inspiration for the other parts of your room. You're doing an entire remodeling of the space, so don't overlook any areas that you can personalize. 

Elegance can be found in many materials, including pewter, ceramic, brass and many more. These should also be featured in the hardware around the room - the doorknobs, lamps and bed frame, for starters. This will allow you to create a cohesive design that'll have everyone in admiration of your decor skills.

Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you can't feature murals. Highly decorative switch plates and outlet covers that have sweeping designs can be mirrored on the walls. These broad strokes won't be overly distracting and won't take away from the elegance of the room.

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