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Make your basement the ultimate party space

If you love hosting parties but find that you don't have enough space or are constantly having to move your furniture around to accommodate a large number of partygoers, it may be time to move the festivities downstairs. 

Many basements are used for storage or as an additional family room. However, if the space isn't getting much use, changing it into a space for social gatherings will allow you to make the most out of this great room. Any extra pieces of furniture that are being stored there can stay. In fact, chances are that you'll be adding more fixtures rather than having to remove any.

Figure out what you need
Knowing exactly what types of furniture your new party room needs depends on the usual type of get-together you host at your house. Does everybody gather to watch a sporting event on television? Is it a wine and cheese dinner party? Are they weekly movie nights featuring the latest blockbusters? All of these require their own sort of decor, so plan carefully before purchasing additional fixtures.

A relatively small piece that goes a long way in establishing your room's atmosphere is the switch plate. Consider this: Many homeowners simply keep whatever covers came with the home when they bought it. Why overlook this opportunity to customize your basement? You and your house can stand out by simply personalizing this everyday item. 

Establish a theme
Regardless of what sporting events you and your friends may watch, there's a collection of switch plates that'll fit your needs. From football to golf, everyone will know what sort of gatherings take place in the basement. 

Looking for covers that tie back to wine and cheese parties? Purchase a switch plate with organic designs that look vine-like in nature. There are many of these in varying materials, including tarnished copper, ceramic, brass and more. 

Need one that's eye-catching but not too distracting for movie nights? Look for switch plates that have a matte finish. This way, you can still boast personalization of the space without having any reflective surfaces become distractions during the movie viewing.

Use the switch plate as a source of inspiration for the other design elements in the room. Keep the setting cohesive by exploring different shades of the same color or echo the shapes in the switch plate. 

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