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Make a home office anywhere in the house

You've bought the desk, you have a lamp and your filing cabinet is awaiting the documents that it'll hold for you as you continue your career in a new home office. With help from Switch Hits' decorative plate covers, you can turn your professional base into the most productive working environment possible and show off your personal style. 

Choose a space
Some houses and apartments come with a space specifically cordoned off and dubbed the home office area. However, just because you're told that one area is the office doesn't mean you can't create your work space anywhere in the house you'd like with a little bit of creativity. For those who don't have a designated office, finding the room to create one can be a challenge. Elle Decor magazine pointed to the home office of master bedroom decorator Darryl Carter. He took the master bedroom of his Washington, D.C. townhouse and turned it into the office of his dreams. 

Think outside the box
Although the work area isn't normally the center of attention in the bedroom, nobody said every bedroom has to be the same! Follow Carter's lead and make your desk the room's centerpiece. A demilune desk such as the one used by him is an excellent way to make the room your professional oasis.

The desks curves like the letter C, saving space and giving you the feeling of being sectioned off from the sleeping area. For your newly redone bedroom/office, pick a set of outlet covers that match your professional demeanor and personality. The Fancy Chic collection has plenty of options that, with their neutral colors and stylish designs, are a perfect match for any office.   

Keep it professional at home
A home office needs to be the type of place where you have that drive to get things done, but you don't have to sacrifice comfort and style in order to accomplish that. HGTV suggested that the most important part of any office is the chair you choose. It is, after all, the place where you'll spend most of your day! Storage is also of the utmost importance, but don't let it determine the layout of your office.

Figure out how shelving and cabinets will best fit in with your established workflow and design the office with that in mind. Things you use all the time ought to be easy to reach, and one of those things is likely the light switch. The Classic Ceramic collection has numerous options, some more colorful than others, that will add a classy flair to your workspace. 

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