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Inspire yourself with an office remodel

When you have a home office, it's important to design it properly. It's a space that should inspire you to work, but the decor shouldn't be so creative that it distracts you. So how do you find the perfect balance?

Not only do you have to ensure that the room boasts form and function, but you also have to personalize it. After all, it's strictly your space, so it should reflect your personality. 

Figure out a theme
There are many decor options when you're outfitting your home office. Deciding on the color palette, finding the right fixtures and laying out the space will depend on what style you choose. You can never go wrong with the classiness of a traditional look, but you might prefer the flair of modern design. Regardless of which one you decide on, there are plenty of ways to enhance the atmosphere.

Go with tried-and-true
Want a home office that reflects your executive status? Look no further than a traditional setup. This design is heavy on muted colors, dark woods and supple leather. Start the design by investing in decor that'll set up the overall effect. Bring some elegance to your wall with a dark wood or leather switch plate. Then move your efforts to the floor by purchasing a large Oriental rug. 

Leather can be featured on armchairs and in desk organizers, as featured on HGTV. Include dark woods by investing in the right furniture. If you already have wooden fixtures that aren't dark enough, you can simply sand them down, re-stain them with darker shades and reseal them for protection.

Choose a modern look
This is where decorating can get tricky. Modern designs call for broad, sweeping lines and loud patterns. Done well, it can be a source of inspiration. However, overdoing any of these elements can undermine your efforts and cause distraction.

When featuring this theme, it's important to decorate slowly. Start small but make a big impact by looking at switch plates and outlet covers that scream "modern." From hand-painted covers to photographic models and hammered metals, the possibilities are endless. There's so much creativity to be found in these items that you'll most likely wind up designing the rest of the room around them, and why not, when they're so visually appealing? Use the same material as the one that the switch plates are made out of to create a cohesive space that'll wow everyone.

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