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How to transform your dining room this spring

The arrival of spring and summer means that it's time to stash away the dark-colored decor of fall and winter and bring out pieces that feature bright hues. 

But why stop there? Welcome the warm weather and long days by taking on a large interior design project, such as revamping the dining room. Though you'll spend plenty of time hosting outdoor parties, the dining room is where your family is most likely to sit down and enjoy a nightly meal together. Take this opportunity to brighten up the space and create an exciting new atmosphere that friends and family members will love.

Assess your lighting
Dim lighting setups may work well in romantic restaurants, but it's likely not ideal for your personal purposes. Leave the semi-gloominess to retail food venues and opt for a brighter atmosphere. You can do this by purchasing new light bulbs for your existing fixtures. Or, if you're looking for a more serious change, you can invest in new fixtures altogether. If you've ever wanted to add some elegance to your dining room, this is the perfect opportunity to purchase a small chandelier, which comes in traditional and modern designs.

Want to further boost the wow factor in the dining room? Have an electrician install dimmers on your lights. This way, you can enjoy an intimate meal with your partner but also be able to host brightly lit dinner parties. Don't let this great feature go unnoticed - find a decorative switch plate that's as unique as your redesigned room. 

Enhance a traditional look by selecting a metal switch plate. There's plenty of texture to be found in these models, such as hammered, stamped, tarnished and others. Featuring a modern vibe? Worry not, there are covers that'll add to your design, including ones made of street signs, tree bark and more.

Repaint your walls
Complete the project by selecting new paint for your dining room. Don't just cover everything in a single shade. Exercise your creativity and explore different patterns - look to your decorative switch plate for inspiration!

Alternatively, you can offset the primary color by adding a wide stripe of a secondary hue throughout the room, suggested HGTV. This will allow the light to create interesting shadows, which will serve as the perfect backdrop for any gatherings that the dining room may host.

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