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How to decorate your small bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most frequented areas of a home. If you've got a relatively small space, it can be easy to overlook the opportunity to decorate it. 

After all, where would you be able to feature any decor? Chances are, you have a relatively small sink with little to no counter space for accent pieces, and it might not seem worthwhile to put up a painting. 

Make space
Though it may seem impossible, there are ways that you can expand your bathroom. Instead of purchasing furniture that takes up a lot of floor space, opt for narrow pieces that boast height. For example, a set of shelves with many levels will give you plenty of space to store various sundries. Certain tiers can even be dedicated solely to decor.

Installing long shelves on the wall is an easy and cheap do-it-yourself project that'll give your space more dimension. Instead of hanging up paintings, you can simply place them on the shelves. This gives your bathroom a more casual, welcoming atmosphere.

Don't overlook design
Despite the size of your bathroom, there are many opportunities to personalize the space. Start with an essential fixture that won't go unnoticed - the light switch plate. Household residents and visitors use this every time they step into the bathroom, so why keep the outlet cover that came with the home? Make it your own by selecting one that speaks to your personality and style, whether it's steampunk, fancy chic or wired and jeweled pieces. 

Show everyone your interior design skills by carrying designs from these outlet covers into other parts of the bathroom. A tile frame around the mirror is the perfect way to balance out the eye-catching switch plate. 

Feature big changes
Make sure your redesign project doesn't go unnoticed by repainting the wall. There are many different hues that you can explore. If it's not a full bathroom, warm colors are a possibility, but if there's a tub or shower in the space as well, you might want to opt for cooler, calmer shades such as blue or green. 

If there are any whimsical designs on the switch plate, you can echo them on the walls. Broad, sweeping designs will invite admiring eyes to travel across the room, ensuring that every little detail you've spent so much time figuring out is appreciated.

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