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How minimalism makes less into more

If you like keeping it simple, sleek and organized, minimalist decorating might be right for you. Using empty space, simple patterns, sleek surfaces and straight lines, you can turn a room into a modern masterpiece, all while using the fewest amount of things possible.

The benefits of living in a minimalist environment are tremendous, according to Joshua Fields, writer for The Minimalists. For one, time spent cleaning and organizing is reduced to just minutes, Fields noted in an article about his living space.

"I used to spend eight hours at a time cleaning my big, three-bedroom suburban house, vacuuming and mopping the floors, dusting every surface and knickknack," Field wrote. "But my current apartment takes less than 45 minutes to clean, including mopping and scrubbing the bathroom."

Not only that, but Fields believes the minimalist environment is therapeutic. "The biggest fringe benefit is the calm I feel when I return home," Fields wrote. "No longer am I worried about the wall-to-wall disorder."

No little details. No needless clutter. No anxiety. That's the life of a minimalist homeowner. Following some simple guidelines, you can see the miracles of living with less, too.

The minimalist life
Start with your color palette. Minimalism calls for very few combinations of color, so pick a shade or two you like and try your best to follow that color scheme throughout the space you're decorating. House Beautiful magazine recommended sticking to the basics. Whites, blacks and natural metals are all you need in a minimalist space, but if you like a little more color, try incorporating something on the lighter side. Save the vibrant colors for a few select pieces of artwork or fixtures you want to really stick out.

Nothing should look too busy. Walls should be relatively vacant save for one or two things. Making your outlet covers and switch plates match the color scheme is critical. For sleek and stylishly simple designs, look through a collection of colored glass switch plates or try a mirrored finish if you're leaning toward a more modern feel.

Committing to minimalism means putting aside things you don't need. Clear your space of everything you don't use daily. Minimalism incorporates empty space so that the focus shifts from your materials back to you. With less to worry about, you can focus on only the important things and people.

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