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Get a solid style with wrought iron


Wrought iron is a gorgeous material, whether it's painted or left alone. This metal can be used for furniture, decor and frames. Bringing iron decor into your home can create a rustic aesthetic that will be appreciated by friends and family alike.

In the bedroom
For a country feel, try using wrought iron bed frames in your bedrooms. These items will inevitably make your bedrooms feel cozy. For guest beds, Country Living magazine recommended installing two matching beds with the same wrought iron frame. Add a few other handmade goods to complete the appearance of a rustic room, like a handmade rug and some quilts on the beds. With switch plates and mirrors to match, you can have a beautiful bedroom that will be timelessly beautiful.

If you want to infuse a more modern vibe in your bedroom, you can still use wrought iron. This strong metal looks great when painted, and many of the bed frames made of wrought iron are already simple and low to the ground, so they'll match with other modern decor. An iron bed will fit in with just about any setting.

Iron accessories
Houzz noted that wrought iron has always looked good as a wall hanging. You can use handcrafted switch plates and picture frames made of this material to dress up an otherwise ordinary hallway, which is a part of the house that's often neglected as far as decor goes. Instead of just hanging a few family photos, you may want to take your hallway a step further and use a large mount above one of the doorways to make for a fascinating focal point.

You can also use regular items as decorations if hung in a pleasing pattern. For instance, try hanging some wrought iron pots and pans in your kitchen around the sink - they'll not only look great, but they'll be useful, too!

Durability and dependability
Iron has been a mainstay of household goods for a long time. The strength of this material makes it ideal for comprising everything from bed frames to pots. When it comes to what you can do with wrought iron, the possibilities are nearly endless, so feel free to experiment as much as possible with this exciting material.

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